Bitcoin Corporate HQ

Yes, Bitcoin Corporate HQ.

Yes, we exist. Bitcoin Corporate HQ oversees works for the bitcoin blockchain.

Why does this site exist?

We are here to answer the many questions everyone has about Bitcoin. Because when it comes to Bitcoin, the Buck stops here, and it’s converted from fiat to everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC), whose official website is

As one of our community supporters said:

Bitcoin Corporate HQ is the answer to when people say “there’s no bitcoin corporate headquarters”.

Shayna Collins, freelance ghostwriter

Who is this site for?

Since bitcoin’s inception, many, even most people who are aware of bitcoin believed this place did not exist. Yet here we are. We exist. Hello. We are here for you to know that bitcoin is not happening alone in some void. There are people involved. And it’s growing, nicely.

Remember this gem?

 “There is no Bitcoin headquarters and very few regulators and policymakers have tech backgrounds. That’s why Congress comes to us to learn about this industry,” she says. But there is still, “a long way to go before reaching a critical mass of policymakers and regulators who truly understand our industry.”

Perianne Boring
Founder, Chamber of Digital Commerce

How is this group run?

We are a community-driven group. We do not own the entirety of the bitcoin protocol, as it is, of course, open-source. The community (miners, node operators, users) owns the code and powers the computers and devices that build, enable, maintain and upgrade the bitcoin network and its underlying bitcoin protocol.

What’s the big idea here?

Our message is one of peace, love and good progress through technology that can benefit humanity and life.

So how is BTC doing?

We hereby declare that Bitcoin is being well managed, according to plan, and it will continue to do so.

Is there a Bitcoin Management Office?

Yes. There’s even a website for that, located at

Is there a Bitcoin Marketing Department?

Yes. There is also a website for that, located at: